At VitaLine, we offer you a complete line of effervescent products in Canada, designed to meet the needs of demanding consumers looking for high-performance, fast-acting solutions, offering unique formulations and exceptional benefits.


Balanced formulas providing the body's dose of essential vitamins and minerals, based on recommended daily doses.

Effervescent vitamins dissolve completely in water, thus avoiding direct contact with the digestive tract and eliminating any risk of stomach irritation.


Effervescent tablets are one of the most effective forms for delivering active ingredients into the body. This form allows rapid and complete absorption of nutrients. Thus, the active ingredients begin to act immediately and their effectiveness increases significantly.


Easily and deliciously integrated into your routine to support a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

We rely on scientific research to develop
vitamins and supplements to help maintain a healthy lifestyle
healthy and balanced life. Our compositions are approved by Health Canada.

VitaLine offers a range of dietary supplements, made from high quality ingredients, recognized for their exceptional health benefits.

Effervescent tablets are one of the most effective ways to provide essential nutrients to the body and guarantee high absorption.

We manufacture our products only in pharmaceutical grade factories, which meet manufacturing and quality criteria
the highest.

With their natural flavors, VitaLine adds a delicious and refreshing taste to your health routine.